The first Vietnamese brought cricket powder sold to the world

Of the startup products, perhaps the #protein powder made from #cricket is the most unique and daring product. Daredevil to choose #cricket powder to start a business, but Dang Cao Nam, founder and director of Cricket One Co., Ltd. (Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City) has conquered major markets of Asia and Asia. Au.

Alum cricket powder is born

"If I join the market, I will dominate the food segment from #crickets, which is why I was inspired to start a business from #cricket," Dang Cao Nam said. I like the #cricket because it is a source of #high-protein and "toxic and strange" food.

In order to raise #crickets on an industrial scale, the 8X bottle guy and his colleagues built a standard breeding procedure, in which, designing a concrete house in natural environment, using a plastic container with capacity. large, working closely with universities to process specialized food for #crickets from agricultural by-products. At the same time, cooperating with farmers from training, technical assistance, supplies and seed to product sales.

When having stable material sources, Nam and his colleagues invested in a processing factory of international standards to produce #protein powder, reaching a capacity of 12 tons / month. "Cricket One's products are meticulously processed #protein powders and extracts that are widely applied in many fields and have high added value," Dang Cao Nam said proudly.

Calling capital from international organizations

When starting a business, Nam also encountered capital problems. At this time, Nam is connected with the High Agricultural Business Incubation Center in Ho Chi Minh City and is using this unit's technology within 6 months to process #protein powder from #crickets. At the same time, participating in programs and projects to support capital of international organizations. When proving the capacity and feasibility of the project, Nam has access to capital. Accordingly, participating in the Young Social Entrepreneur Program (YSE) organized by the Singapore International Fund (SIF), Startup Cricket One is one of 7 lucky social enterprise models to win prizes and raise capital successfully in Final round. Startup Cricket One also won the first prize in the Mekong Agricultural Technology Challenge Program (MATCH 2018) sponsored by the Australian Government and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Bring cricket powder to the world

Successful products face many obstacles, in the Vietnamese market has not developed the processing industry of #cricket products, so the #protein powder of the company is difficult to consume in the country, kidneys become strange.

Through research, knowing a number of large markets such as the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, Japan has the potential to consume protein powder products, Nam and his colleagues build a distribution channel and set up relations with partners. #Protein powder of Cricket One Co., Ltd is cheap, has ASC, MSC certificates, so it can compete with similar products of other countries, the market share achieved in Asia - Europe countries is quite good.

Want #protein powder popular and accepted by many markets, must find the applicability of the product - this is the business motto of the boy 8X Dang Cao Nam. From that thought, Dang Cao Nam and his colleagues collaborated with scientists to study extracting essential oils and new products from crickets for food processing, cosmetic production, and food processing. eat for pets. At the same time, research, find out the standard recipe for sausage processing, mayonnaise from cricket oil, cricket meat, then bring it to the Japanese market. "Being complimented by the Japanese for the perfect recipe and when it tastes better than the sausage, the mayonnaise had been there before, so they chose my business as a protein powder supplier," the 8X guy shared.

Cricket powder is made from finely grinded crickets, rich in protein. Research shows that the protein in crickets powder is comparable to that of skinless chicken breast, with about 58 - 65% protein in each cricket, which is a valuable material for making nutritious snacks.

In addition, cricket powder is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Crickets are rich in vitamin B12 (24 micrograms per 100 g). This is about 10 times that of salmon. Cricket powder also contains iron, about 6 - 10 milligrams per 100 g - more than twice as much as spinach. Initial research also shows that our bodies absorb minerals like iron from cricket powder more easily than beef.

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